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Jubilarian – 2009

Therese Marie Everts, SSND
Professed in 1959

Sister Therese Marie EvertsSister Therese Marie Everts celebrates 50 years as a School Sister of Notre Dame. She ministered as a teacher, administrator, community leader, coordinator, campus minister and spiritual / retreat director.

A meaningful time in my ministry…
In my life as a School Sister of Notre Dame I’ve had many memorable experiences for which I am deeply grateful – the times of retreat which have helped deepen my relationship with God and have made me sensitive to God’s many and varied calls during these fifty years; the gift of good community life which has stretched and challenged me; and the many friends who have walked with me in the difficult and in the happy times are all very meaningful and precious to me. These experiences have prepared and helped me to respond to a call to live and serve in a culture other than my own. During the last the last 22 years I have been living and serving in with our sisters in what was, until 2006 the province of Westphalia, Germany (on January 1, 2006 we finalized our restructuring process and became part of the province of Bavaria.)

What drew you to the SSND Community?
During these years I’ve worn many different “hats” and sometimes more than one in my work in and for the community and the congregation. Living and working in Europe has broadened my vision as I got to know many sisters and laity in the major area of Europe especially in the areas of Formation, spiritual direction, retreat work and leadership.

Living in another culture has enriched, challenged and taught me many things, not the least of which has been getting to know myself and my own American culture much better.

These years – all part of my faith journey – are a precious part of my life, personally and spiritually. God works in many ways, sometimes strange, but always loving. I look forward to learning God’s plan for the future.

What would you like people today to know about the School Sisters of Notre Dame?
I would like people to know that we are happy, energetic and focused women of faith, who no matter how old we are or where we serve, want to live our call as long as we live!

What is your current ministry?
I am presently leader of our restructured Area of 48 sisters in two communities as well as local leader of the larger of these communities, our former Motherhouse, Kloster Brede. We are a community of 44 sisters ranging in age from 97 to 44 years old. Of these sisters 18 are actively serving either within the community or in ministries outside of the “motherhouse.”

Sister Therese Marie Everts

Sister Therese Marie’s missions:
St. Elizabeth, Milwaukee, Wis.
Santa Maria, Chicago, Ill.
Holy Assumption, West Allis, Wis.
St. Joseph, Wauwatosa, Wis.
St. Stephen, Milwaukee, Wis.
Notre Dame of the Lake, Mequon, Wis.
Mount Mary College, Milwaukee, Wis.
Convent in Doenberg, Westfalea, Barvaria/Germany
Motherhouse Brede, Brakel, Germany

The photo on the right was taken of Sister Therese Marie on the day she professed her first vows.

How to Reach Jubilarians

Cards and letters may be addressed to:
Sister's name c/o SSND Jubilarians, Provincial Offices, 13105 Watertown Plank Road, Elm Grove, WI 53122-2291.

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